Architectural photographer Carl Mayfield, Constellation_Field_Baseball_Stadium
Constellation Field

"I have asked Carl to photograph a wide variety of projects and usually under less than perfect conditions. He has consistently demonstrated the ability to bring an image to life, and even more importantly I can trust him. I don't have to direct his every step on a job. He knows what it takes to capture an image for a variety of marketing uses."

Jackie Venable, Marketing Manager, Linbeck

Architectural photographer Carl Mayfield, Brochstein Pavilion, Rice University
Brochstein Pavilion, Rice University

You and your company are unique, you have goals, concerns and a working style all your own. Each project you bring me is equally unique. I strive to be exceptional at recognizing this, listening for every opportunity to customize my approach to your photographic project helping you achieve exactly the photography you are looking for.

Federal Reserve Bank Branch
Architectural Photographer, Carl Mayfield, Texas Heart Institute, Denton A. Cooley Building
Texas Heart Institute, Denton A. Cooley Building

Are you looking for a new photographer? Are you realizing your needs are more specialized or sophisticated than your existing photographers capability?

Award winning architectural photography made for architects, builders, designers as well as marketing and publishing professionals is the business of Carl Mayfield Photography, It's been that way for over 15 years.

As you know digital photography has literally changed everything about the photographic industry. Software and hardware is changing at a staggering pace. New technology is consistently getting better. Your options and your image quality rely on this change.

Your photographer needs to be on top of this change.

I spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars every year completing professional technical training to maintain mastery of todays ever-changing technology. Not only to produce but also to publish, archive and distribute your photography.

Almost as much time is spent studying the technologies surrounding your photography. This time is spent not only to know the vocabulary of the other professionals involved with your photography, like your web designer, but also to know how the things they do to your photography will affect your image.

More and more imagery is being published on the Internet. Photographs on the Internet have their own needs and some web designers are not nearly as familiar with architectural photography as you need them to be.

If you are working with one of the many highly talented web designers available today you are lucky. However, some designers are more interested in the latest coolest navigation bar and making your images small so their pages load fast.

Your photography should have the same impact on your website as in your printed campaigns and by doing so your Pay-Per-Click and your Search Engine Optimization should not suffer.

Archetectural Photographer Carl Mayfield, St. Luke's Sugar Land-Hospital
St. Luke's Sugar Land-Hospital
Architectural Photographer, Carl Mayfield, Reliant Energy Plaza, Downtown Houston, Texas
Reliant Energy Plaza, Downtown Houston, Texas
If an image is compressed and down sized too much a loss of detail and visual impact occurs and the image begins to deteriorate becoming unrecognizable. The result is very destructive to your online presence.

Retouching architectural photography requires specialized and sometimes obscure techniques to achieve levels of color, contrast, sharpness and perspective accuracy not needed in other areas of retouching. I focus on these special techniques so your photography receives the very best retouching available.

All photographic retouching is done in house at Carl Mayfield Photography, either by me or by someone directly supervised by me. Photographic retouching is never outsourced to India or an anonymous retouching service somewhere on the Internet for the cheapest price.

As each photograph is made its retouching needs are considered and these factors are photographed for, producing a level of precision achievable no other way.

Architectural photography relies heavily on the quality of available light at the time the image is made. With today’s technologies it is true to say that architectural photography relies just as heavily on the quality of retouching applied. Some times an image can be made no other way but by combining strong photographic technique and good digital image management.

The best time to decide how to digitally manipulate an image is before that image is made.

Architectural Photographer, Carl Mayfield, Costco, Houston, Texas
Costco, Houston, Texas

These same technologies make it easier than ever for you to make much of your own imagery and this is a good thing. If you make your own images your photographer needs to be accessible for you to ask questions about your own image making. I can help you take even better pictures.

Then, when making your own photography becomes more involved than it is fun or practical, call me and I can take over.

The better your images look the better we both look.

Architectural Photographer, Carl Mayfield, Chapelwood UMC, Houston, Texas
Chapelwood UMC, Houston, Texas

Photography is not only expensive monetarily but also in time and energy.

Before you start your next project call me.

It will be my pleasure to first listen to your goals and concerns, then talk with you to be sure I understand and after that, if you like, we can begin to plan making your next architectural photographs.

Thank you for your interest in my work,

Carl Mayfield